Monday, 18 June 2012


Its been a couple weeks since ive blogged... Lost my voice for acouple weeks I guess and couldn't find something to write about.

But last night while on Facebook I started noticing some things. Every one talks about the need to stop bullying in schools. Last night I started noticing something.

Moms bullying other moms.

I (until last night) was a Co admin to a group that a friend of mine made, a "mom" group. Some where to discuss topics and ask questions. Which I thought was a great idea!
Until like most groups someone had to ruin it for everyone else.  Shoving there opinions in peoples faces, putting down other parents and there childs developments.

For someone to have the NERVE to put down someone else's child is.disgusting. Every child is different for you to think putting down there child/parenting skills is okay just because you put "IMO" (in my opinion) doesnt make it okay.

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