Friday, 11 May 2012

Up to scale.

Okay, I just want to put this out there about the people talk about people who are over weight.
This is just my point of view cause I have been struggling with my weight my entire life.
Always being the bigger girl.

1) I don't know where people get off assuming all over weight people are "pigs" or "slobs".
Everyone is built differently, just because they have a weight issue doesn't mean they sit there all day stuffing there face with doritos.

2) Did you ever think maybe it was more then just a weight problem? Like a actual medical issue.
Betcha didn't, well some do. And they can't help the fact that there over weight.

3) Stop judging them, because as being a over weight person myself, and knowing this first hand. There judging themselves fine without your help.

Growing up threw elementary school and especially high school!! Thinking of myself as a stupid fat piece of shit because I was so much heavier then basically 80% of the school. Putting my self down, and got to the point of hurting myself because I was so upset that I couldn't fit into a size 4. Always thinking and judging myself in the back of my mind "your the fattest one in the room".

I still catch myself sometimes thinking that way.
It's a hard habit to break.
Thankfully, now I have a man who reminds me everyday about how much he loves me.
And makes me feel so very special.

So before you go judging someone on there weight, stop and think.

How much are they judging themselves already?

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